Saturday, October 15, 2005

Any unit trusts tycoon?

There are stock investing tycoons like Warren Buffett, Philip A. Fisher, Benjamin Graham, etc. There are real estate tycoons like Donald Trump, Li Ka-shing, etc. There are many business tycoons like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, etc.

These are the people who got rich investing in the assets(i) they knew well.

Have you heard of any unit trusts tycoon? Probably the tycoon that sell unit trusts instead of buying unit trusts. :-)

Two types of person should buy unit trust.
1. If you have no time or no interest to invest and to research yourself.
2. If you are high income earner like doctors, famous artists, etc. that you can earn more by spending your time on your tasks instead of investing.

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Unknown said...

How to sell unit trust and wy people buy